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5 Super Beneficial Reasons to Travel during the Start of a New Year

5 Super Beneficial Reasons to Travel during the Start of a New Year

When thinking of what a new year will bring, some get excited while others get overwhelmed. Without a doubt, the majority of us all have our own plans and goals. Following through with them is a whole other story. Even people who persevere the most tend to hit road blocks or get stuck. A vacation is a perfect way to take a break away from your life and let things cool down. For me, Before the spring semester of school kicks off, I like to go up north for a day or two. I get to let go of my worries and leave them back home. There are several benefits to a new year’s vacation trip.

  1. Clears the Mind – Getting out of town gives you a new perspective. You can see a whole new way of living and a whole new set of people. On my vacation I hiked up to a beautiful outlook of Sedona’s Red Rock Mountains. This allowed me to clear my mind and be in the moment of pure awesome!(Pic 1)
  2. Bursts of Creativity – When your mind is cleared and you are having fun, new ideas can come to mind. This is especially true when you have new experiences or see new things. Experiencing the world is a great way to see things from other angles. Witnessing the grand mountains and views, I started to come up with a lot of new blog topics to write about.
  3. Build Bonds with Friends or Family – Not only do you get to experience creativity and clear the mind, but so do your travel buddies. Sharing new experiences together can bring a bunch of fun stories and new ideas that can improve your life back home. For example, I loved how so many people made campfires and were avid hikers. When my girlfriend and I get back home, we are planning on doing weekly hikes and spending some time at night talking around a crackling fire.
  4. Seeing The Big Picture – While relaxing on the beach, or meditating in the red mountain tops of Sedona, reflecting on your life back home can be very beneficial. Realizing that life does not revolve completely around work can be a shock. Also, there is the realization that there is a bigger picture than just your local town. Getting to see that big picture can let you envision things back home that way. It is usually better to think big then small.
  5. Recharge the Tank – When going on vacation at the start of the year, the greatest part is allowing yourself to just be at one with nature. Saving the shark diving extravaganza for another time and going to the beach or forest can be a lot better and closer. This allows the trip to be about relaxation, which is the key to a rejuvenating pre-year trip.

When I think of an awesome pre-year vacation, I think of a trip involving camping, the beach, or hot springs depending on the weather circumstances. Do yourself a favor and plan a vacation or even a day trip this January/February to benefit from these five pre-year vacation benefits.

Post below of any other reasons that you love to go on vacation at the start of the year!

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